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Seeing God's wisdom shine through every circumstance

About Me

I love  encouraging people, especially those who are feeling lonely or have lost hope. I also love reading other people’s blogs, especially if they make me laugh like a hyena or cry like a baby. I live in the north of England with my precious husband, Anwar and young daughter, Sarah, who adores animals of all kinds.

My passion is flowers – I just love them.


I’m also quite keen on stuff like this:


Despite my taste for chocolate, I always prefer to cheer myself up with beautiful blooms because, well they last longer for a start. And I can share them out by placing the smaller ones in a little glass jar for Sarah’s bedroom.

I also love cooking and baking.  Cake decorating is also great fun, and although I have managed to produce results like this:


I have also ended up giving away a plate of this:

                            Sorry, I can’t find the picture, but you wouldn’t have recognised it as something consumable anyway

My foodie-goal is to be able to make delicious, drippy ice-cream, but I haven’t the time to get into that at the moment because I’m sat here blog, blog blogging.

Character-wise I’m usually sensible, apart from times when I have the compulsion to do things like this:


But there’s nothing to worry about because my husband’s quite sane:

DSCF0547And so is my daughter:


We live in the heart of Yorkshire with our poser cat, Harry:


and where people say, “Bear-beh” instead of baby, “Mom-meh” instead of mummy, “Assk” instead of ask, and “Munneh”  instead of money.

My ethnic background is Carribbean and here are my lovely parents:

photo(17)My mother comes from Trinidad which is just above Venezuela, and my Dad comes from St. Vincent which is a tiny dot on any size map, like:


me as a toddler


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sharon — Charlotte here from The Introvert’s Dictionary. I just accidentally deleted your comment (no idea how — suddenly there was a flashing red bar and yikes — gone!) Obviously did not mean to do that and was just in the middle of typing a compliment about your blog and how lovely it is. Sorry about that and hope to see you again in the blogosphere!


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