light bites for your heart

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support and encouragement on this blog. I have met some wonderful people from all around the world and read some amazing posts.

This is not a sad farewell, as I am not leaving WordPress.

But it’s a goodbye from me at Light-bites for your Heart and and a hello from me at:

Moving The Furniture

I would like to take time to particularly acknowledge active followers who have regularly commented on my blog and then after that, those who have been silent but connected with me every now and then with a ‘like’.

All of you have inspired me in a special way during the times I have read your posts or your views and encouragement on here.

**So it’s a BIG thank you to:


Abigail Lawrence                      Ropekha

Debbie Roy                               Where My Soul Sleeps

Semra Polat                             Anna Waldherr

Gene Kiepura

Chris Longden


Brandon Adams



Kae Butcher

Jeanne Takenaka

Anne Merhling

Jonathon Camac

Lori Camper

Dr. Eric Perry PhD

Labri Melzer

Harper Granville


Greg Mercer

Jeff Rab

Alyssa Moore

Penelope Von

Ally Carter

Tony A Smith

Priceless Joy

Lorna Parkinson



Doris Savanover

Pastor Ross

Michael Scholtes

Gigi Offor

Caroline Hendry

Cristian Mikhai

It’s Good to Be Crazy


The Lemon Daisy

Lika Rapheal

The Artisan Duck

Melchie Johnson

Charlie Country Boy

Charlotte Latvala

**As I started doing this, I realised there were too many names and blogs to mention. Please accept my apology if your name is not on here. I appreciate you just the same, but couldn’t possibly fit everybody on.




Sharon ~x~